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Shows - Tuesday 28th of February

the time travel jam -TTTJ- image banner - Alfonso G. B._edited.jpg
Jam Session - 18:15 to 19:00 - Blauwe Zaal

The Time Travel Jam (TTTJ)

- directed by Alfonso Garzas

Do you like time travel? Were you a fan of "choose your own adventure" books?

Then this jam is totally your jam.
We will collectively create a long-form story, among all participants in the jam. We'll create a world, a set of characters, and a story, exploring them by traveling to different moments in time.
Let's have fun fooling around with the creation of your fellow players, let's share the responsibility of creating a story. Let's empower and feel empowered.

Jams are free to join - no ticket necessary! 

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