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Raschid Daniel Sidgi

Director/International Cast/Teacher

Raschid Daniel Sidgi was born 1976 in Weimar. First he wanted to become an adventurer, later a scientist, then a soccer player, after that a rockstar. After school he started working in a theatre house and a new passion arose. A few years of education later he was graduated as actor in Leipzig. For 6 years he was engaged in several theatre companies and 2006 he decided to work as a freelancer. Now he is actor for theatre, camera and audio, musician, producer, entertainer, MC, director, daddy, creator of chaos, author, DADAist, guru and student, activist, dance floor smasher and poetic peace brother...
Raschid is doing improv on stage for more then 15 years now. He plays shows, gives workshops and never stops learning. He is one of the founders of the THEATERTURBINE in Leipzig and he is the artistic director of the international improv festival MOMENTA in Leipzig.

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