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Manuel Speck


“Try to surprise yourself and trust your partners"
Those are the maxims Manuel Speck follows while playing improv.
His impro-roots are based in Mainz, Germany where he was 2010 one of the founding members of the group "Die Affirmative". In 2015 he founded the group “FEM Fatale” in Karlsruhe and is now artistic director of “Improtheater Karlsruhe”. He is also a founding member of the European Impro-initiative The SIN and performs worldwide with known players like Gael Doorneweerd-Perry (France), Billy Kissa  Greece) and Beata Rózalska (Poland). He loves do explore the range impro has to offer from silly, comedic shows to surreal and controversial longform-formats. To discover the stories onstage and to connect with improvisers offstage around the world are the things that keep him going. Due to his background in film he is always eager to bring Movie- and TV-Genres and -styles to the stage.

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