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Réunion Island (Fr)


Keng-Sam Chane Chick Té

International Cast/Teacher

Keng-Sam Chane Chick Té is an improviser from Reunion Island (French Department) since 2000. He has been teaching and performing improv in many different countries ( Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada, USA ) and festivals such as Improvention in Canberra/Australia last year. When Keng-Sam is not busy traveling, he is producing the FERIIR Festival (International Improv Festival of Reunion), la Nuit de l'Impro, and Oui et même que... which takes place once a year, in National theaters.
Since 2010, he is also the founding member of the company La Bagasse which specifies in long and short-form shows that occurs 4 times a month on Reunion Island. Known for his bodywork, and his workshop about movement & music in improv scene, he is passionate about the connection between those two tools. His motivation towards impro is " Be Fast in your mind, but Play slow", and what he loves the most about improv is being true and connected to yourself, your partner and the audience.

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