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Jacintha Damström


Born in Helsinki, Finland, Jacintha is an eclectic artist with a long background in circus, classical music, physical theatre, and improv.
She started training and performing circus shows when she was just 5, and since she also plays the flute, she decided to study it and has now a master's degree in it from Sibelius-Academy.
In 2012 she started producing shows and in the same year, she started playing improv. Since then she has produced numerous shows mixing different kinds of art.
As an improviser, she is the chairperson of Studentteatern and co-director of IMP. She co-founded the speechless improv group Decibel, performs regularly with Stjärnfall, and has been in the main cast of several improv festivals, like Subito 2018 and Impro Amsterdam 2020.
Her strength is physical comedy and clowning, and she often uses her acrobatic skills on stage. As a trainer, using her experience and her sensitivity, her workshops can help anybody get in touch with their body and their feelings.

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