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Felipe Ortiz


Performer, director and teacher interested in exchanging, interacting, playing and sharing experiences with different artists around the world. He´s passionate about the body in movement and its possibilities, that´s why he explores it through acrobatics, improvisation, clowning, physical theater and object manipulation to create new forms of expression in performing arts.
As a performer he´s been touring around the world since 2003, with different projects in festivals, companies, and collaborating with artists in these areas. He´s a well known in the international scene as an impro, physical theater and clown teacher.
Magical Realism became one of he´s research fields since 2012 and he´s created different impro formats, workshops and circus shows inspired in this wonderful genre.
He´s one of the founding members of PICNIC - IMPRO and one of the directors of the impro MONKEY FEST in it´s 9th versions. Also one of the creators of SPEECHLESS an improvised show without words that has being touring in more than 15 countries around the world.

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