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Edson Duavy


I improvise and teach for 25 years. I created 17 improv shows between solos, short, long, in-person and virtual formats. Recurring guest in shows by Cia Barbixas de Humor (Brazil). Graduated in mime from the LUIS LOUIS institute and also a member of the Núcleo de Teatro Físico (Grupo de Teatro Físico) and Cia Impromime (Brazil), where I developed the combination of mime and improvisation. Graduated in interpersonal relationships from the Dale Carnegie Institute, I work in business companies, developing body language, oratory, creativity and Storytelling. I taught workshops and directed shows in several Brazilian states, in Portugal and Angola. My workshops are developed from elements of Mimicry, Music, Improvisation, Narrative Structures, Maisner Technique, NLP, Contact-Improvisation, Kempô, Mask Theater and Animated Forms Theater.

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