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Diego Ingold


Actor, improviser and plastic artist from Mallorca.
For more than 10 years he has taught workshops on theatrical improvisation and physical theater tools, commedia dell'arte and theater of objects.
For the last 5 years, he has been participating in impro festivals and training companies in different countries (Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Philippines, Italy, Holland, South Africa, and Germany).
Although much of the time he works alone, or with projects of the companies of the cities he visits, he is currently part of three companies.
Theatrical impro: GLOBALIMPRO, together with Feña Ortalli and Claudia Bernabé. Multidisciplinary impro: DAUS, with Aina Zanoguera (music) and Úrsula Urgeles (dance). And Theater of Creation: HermanasPicohueso, with Gala Peire and LLuki Portas.
For a long time, he has been researching tools to bring the plastic arts and theater closer to the world of improvisation, trying to blur the lines of the different artistic disciplines.

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