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Choral Speech



Amy Shostak

International Cast / Teacher

Amy Shostak is an improvisor based in Vancouver, Canada. She is a member of the Faculty at Blind Tiger Comedy School, Festival Organizer of the Vancouver Improv Festival, and she performs regularly with Little Mountain Improv and Tightrope Theatre. She is former Artistic Director of Rapid Fire Theatre (Edmonton). Amy is thrilled to have been a part of many amazing festivals around the globe, including FERIIR on Reunion Island, Monkeyfest in Bogota, Improvention in Canberra, Impro in Berlin, and SWIMP in Uppsala. She tours regularly with her improv duos Rå Power with Joleen Ballendine and Amy + Tom with Tom Hill. Amy is passionate about creating brave spaces where creativity flourishes, and directing formats that challenge what improv can be. She is deeply stoked to be a part of Impro Amsterdam!

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